What is it about South Beach?

L1230146 (1)IMG_1546 (1)After some 25 years of Suburban living which I recall as meaning driving everywhere, never quite being done with the yard work, and trying to stay ahead of the next construction project, I finally sold this historic house outside of Boston to come to South Beach.

It has now been 13 years, and I  have never looked back. While I do confess to having moved six times over this period (it’s a Realtor thing), each property has been located in the South of Fifth neighborhood of South Beach. So what keeps me here?  Well, the weather is important, proximity to the Beach, Marina and Park is up there too, but mostly it’s the neighborhood, a world class, urban, culturally diverse, restaurant laden, all-age, dog-loving, walk everywhere enclave with easy access to the highway and airport.  And yes, this is now a condo living lifestyle, and that’s really the big difference.